Our parent company

Prvo plinarsko društvo was founded in 2001 as a joint venture of domestic and foreign investors. Its primary operation at the beginning was development and expansion of distribution network in cooperation with local government's initiative in order to promote natural gas consumption during the time of post-war reconstruction in Vukovar county.

Concession contracts were signed with 9 townships and City of Vukovar in East Croatia. Until 2006 Prvo plinarsko društvo has connected over 9000 customers to the grid, in total investment of more than HRK 20 mil.

2003 - Ownership of the company was changed in 2003 when Hungarian Pécs-based company Dél-dunántúli Gázhálózati Zrt. (DDGÁZ) bought it.

Later, owned by the German Ruhrgas AG and VEW Energie AG, DDGÁZ was taken over by Dusseldorf based E.ON Energie AG.

The aim of E.ON was, just like in Hungary, the consolidation of the Croatian distribution market.

In 2009 after the economic crisis E.ON changed its strategy and sold PPD to a Croatian investment and holding company. After initial consolidation, the management adopted a new strategy: alongside continuous strengthening of company's position on its own distribution system and customer base expansion, preparations for liberalized and open natural gas market have begun.

Today, Prvo plinarsko društvo is the largest natural gas importer in Croatia and supplies the largest buyers. This growth is the result of PPD's strong partnership with E.ON and Russian Gazprom. Cooperation with strong international partners has brought secure and reliable delivery, increasing the liquidity as well as diversification of supply routes.

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